Qride Mackay motorcycle training

Qride Mackay Motorcycle  Training

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All you need to do  Qride in Mackay is do your Qride Pre learner course and knowledge test and you are on the way to experience the joys of being a motorcyclist.. 


Your local Qride  trainer will have a program   designed for all riders.  It doesn't matter if you have never ridden a motorcycle,  if you are young or old, male or female......riding a motorcycle is something anyone can do,- And its FUN. Your Qride motorcycle school in Mackay can supply you with the bikes and equipment to safely learn to ride 

Students with absolutely no or very little  riding experience do not need to worry because the course is designed with you in mind.

The safest place to do your course is in a closed off and private environment. Car parks are for amateurs..

Your Mackay local  Q Ride accredited rider trainer will be highly trained, friendly, patient and motivated to work with you as you develop your motorcycle riding skills.   

 The riding typically begins with very basic skills, such as mounting the motorcycle and identifying its controls, and builds steadily upward from there. The skills you gain will lead you along the right path to obtaining your Qride competency certificate . You should  not be rushed or forced to complete your training over a period of a day or  weekend. We all learn at different rates. Some people pick things up quickly and others take a little longer  A good  Qride trainer  will work with you at your pace.


Riding a motorcycle is more than just  physically riding the bike. The mental skills needed to remain safe on the road and interacting with other road users requires a great deal of awareness and knowledge.

Your local Qride trainer and assessor in Mackay will  do more than just train you to pass your license test, he will train and teach you skills that you will use every day regardless of whether you are riding a motorcycle or driving any other vehicle type.

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Qride training in progress. A Qride student performing the figure of 8 exercise for his Qride License assessment.

As part of the Qride course we will concentrate on motorcycle familiarisation, clutch control, throttle control, and other  basic skills; straight-line riding, turning, smooth gear changing and braking. You will also be trained to develop  develop a variety of road riding skills including slow speed manoeuvres, counter-steering, cornering, and evasive action, crash avoidance and emergency braking.